Marketplace Transaction Using $VCG

Hi, Vicigers! Following the release of our $VCG token earlier this year, we are preparing for yet another breakthrough. Want to know more? Get ready to welcome the ride with us!

Created as a local project and powered by millennial innovation, $VCG token will facilitate transactions on the VCGamers marketplace (VC Market). This new feature will ensure a seamless transaction of our digital goods and support gamers using blockchain-based development. The platform will also improve the economic value of local small businesses that have listed their items on the marketplace. Existing sellers won’t have to worry either if they are unfamiliar with using cryptocurrencies, as everything has been prepared to make the transition between conventional to digital transactions as smooth as possible. It is one of our missions to empower small businesses so they can compete in a more globalized market, and this is the perfect way for us to give back to the vendors who have supported us until now.

As stated by VCGamers co-founder and CEO, Isya Sony Subrata, “The $VCG token will not be a substitute in marketplace transactions, but a complement. The seller can choose, through the initial agreement, whether the payment system accepts $VCG token conversion or still chooses to transact conventionally. So, there is a term of service.” In addition, he also stated that VCGamers would give the sellers a choice in this expansion as an effort to accommodate their needs and demands.

Moving forward, VCGamers is also planning to create an NFT marketplace to launch in the fourth quarter of this year. The ultimate mission is to introduce the Indonesian people to the idea that creative digital products and assets have great potential to strengthen the nation’s economy like any other industrial sector. “VCGamers want to contribute to introducing Indonesia to the global level through the $VCG token, NFT marketplace, and other game-based creative digital products,” added Sony.

During the launch and pre-sale of $VCG token, 35 million out of the total 100 million crypto assets were sold in just 6 hours, even topping the trending charts. In line with these fantastic results, we pledged to comply with Indonesia’s law on digital assets, so we can be recognized as one of the leading domestic cryptocurrencies. Our team is dedicated to educating the public and showing precedent through commitment in our work.

Back to marketplace transactions, some of you may already know that we also have another form of currency in the VC Market, called VC Coin. So what is the difference between $VCG token and VC Coin, and what should we use?

A token is a virtual currency representing a tradable asset or utility residing on its own blockchain. It allows the holder to use it for investment or trade. $VCG token is developed on top of a social commerce platform that connects and enables gamers to sell digital game items and NFT assets. You can buy $VCG in various exchanges such as PancakeSwap, uniswap, and Indodax.

In the future, $VCG token will be the payment gateway in RansVerse, a metaverse by Rans Entertainment in collaboration with VCGamers, UpBanx, and ShintaVC. If you want to know more about this metaverse, check our previous article. Most recently as well, $VCG provides staking feature called $VCG Stake. There are several benefits you can enjoy when you stake such as earning rewards in BUSD. Also, the longer you stake, the more reward you will get. More on staking on our next article!

Meanwhile, unlike $VCG which is a digital crypto asset, VC Coin is electronic money you can use to shop on the VC Market. You can buy vouchers, top-up diamonds, and even top-up PLN tokens (electricity) credits and e-wallet balances like GoPay and OVO. Another perk of using VC Coin on VC Market is that your transactions will be free from service fees.

Enough to attract your curiosity on $VCG usage on our marketplace? Stay with us on this ride and enjoy more benefits with $VCG!




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All in one gaming platform | Check us out on #AllAboutGames

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